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  Evolve Emergency Preparedness specializes in supporting first responders, first receivers and government entities of all sizes in the development and implementation of effective emergency preparedness strategies. We offer highly reliable products specifically engineered to protect and meet the demands of professionals who are charged with mitigating the consequences of natural and man-made events.
• Planning, preparation, mitigation,response and recovery products
• Product expertise, training & cost control implementation
• Contracting & procurement services
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  The right PPE protects healthcare workers from infection. See the PPE Evolve offers >>>  
Evolve Infectious Disease Body Bag System
The Evolve Infectious Disease Body Bag Systems is CDC compliant and protects against the postmortem spread of infectious disease.
The ISO-POD is the foremost solution in protecting healthcare workers and other patients.
Evolve TraCC
Evolve TraCC is an economical, reliable, vaccine monitoring, storing, and tracking system that ensures all your vaccines remain at the optimal temperature and meet the highest standards of safety recommended by the CDC and FDA.

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