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 recycling programs that offer
peace of mind
                        minimizing business
                                 risk & liability
• Minimizes Waste Stream & Maximizes
  Recycling Yield - STATESIDE!
• HIPAA Compliance
• Provides Certificate of Destruction
• Film Recycling & Silver Recovery
• U-Waste & E-Scrap

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Evolve offers the development of HIPAA compliant, Stateside customized recycling programs to minimize Haz Mat waste streams and maximize recycling yield. Evolve’s strong commitment to uphold state and federal standards for waste disposal has earned us the reputation as a leader in responsible waste management.

Perhaps more notably, Evolve maintains this focus by also conceding to our own set of ethical principles which in many circumstances are much higher than state and federal regulations. We impose such standards on all our vendors and insist on complete transparency and accountability. We govern the process of waste collection, segregation, recycling, and disposal to insure environmentally sound practices are consistently employed. We guarantee HIPAA compliance and provide end-of-life services such as Certificate Of Destruction.

Our distinct practices have successfully minimized business risk and liability and therefore offer ‘peace of mind’.

Onsite Customized
Silver Recovery Systems

• Remain in Compliance & Adhere
  to State Compliance Regulations
• Maximize Recycling Yield
• Reduce Fixer Consumption
• Additional Revenue


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