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HC Family ReunificationTM


A hurricane or natural disaster, a concert in the park, or a million people together to celebrate Independence Day…these are all times when getting separated from your family can be devastating. HC Family Reunification™ helps reunite family members no matter the situation.

Everyone can understand what it feels like to lose sight of your child or friends at a mass gathering celebration or event like a parade or fireworks display.  Although it is only for a minute or two, there is an overwhelming since of fear and panic. Hurricane Katrina caused thousands and thousands of families to become separated, not knowing when or if they would be reunited. This fear and panic they felt wasn’t just for a couple minutes, but for weeks and months.

HC Family Reunification™ helps authorities reunite families by tracking both the parents and children. The information gathered about any lost party is maintained and shared in near real-time across HC Standard where responders or aid workers can easily view the information. When they have all the details at their fingertips, they can easily help bring families back together.
HC Family Reunification™ allows first responders or event employees to gather information from families who have lost a member in the crowd or from the lost person. Information is the key in aiding families, allowing you to see where the lost parties are located and help them get in contact with their parents or children quickly.

Regardless of the situation, reuniting families is important and HC Family Reunification is the right tool to achieve this. Contact us for more information about HC Family Reunification™ and how it can help you in times of mass gatherings, like concerts or celebrations, as well as mass casualty events or natural disasters.


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