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HC HAvBed TrackingTM


Developed with Decisive Action in Mind

  HC HAvBED Tracking™ integrates information from hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities to track, monitor and report bed counts and availability.
  HAVE Standard  
  “Hospital Availability Exchange (HAVE) is a draft XML specification
that allows the communication of the status of a hospital and its resources
to other emergency agencies, including bed capacity and availability,
emergency department status, the available service coverage,
and the status of a hospital’s facility and operations.”
  In a disaster or emergency situation, it is important for hospitals to be able to communicate with each other and with emergency health care providers about their availability and capacity. In order to respond to emergencies or disasters with greater efficiency, hospitals across the country are implementing the real-time hospital bed availability system to assist with regional and national patient surge capacity needs.

The HC HAvBED Tracking™ application has been designed and written to perform in accordance with federal systems as outlined by Health and Human Services (HHS). Each state has been granted access to HHS to register authorized representatives to submit data to the federal system and those individuals are able to utilize HC Standard®. The bed availability information is easily updated and available during day-to-day operations and during emergency incidents.
  Advanced Features  
  • Provides a convenient way of submitting, confirming and reporting to a local, regional or national HAvBED or asset tracking system.
  • Maintains HIPAA/HITECH compliance for hospital and patient data.
  • Provides easy data entry for any facility to update bed availability information.
  • Allows any level to report bed data using the HAvBED application and seamlessly transfers that information to external bed and tracking systems.
  • Functions at all levels from individual hospital to national, and every scale in between.
  • Helps users avoid dual data entry and transcription errors.
  • Writes data to files and to the database, and reads from both.
  • Interfaces with, and feeds data directly into, the US Health and Human Services HAvBED data system.

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