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HC Patient TrackingTM


Reliable, Fast and Secure Patient Tracking

  HC Patient Tracking™ provides first responders with a reliable, fast and secure means of gathering vital data and sharing it in near real-time with both emergency and healthcare systems. Patient tracking can be used in numerous ways– including tracking evacuations or your personnel during exercises or drills. HC Patient Tracking™ integrates seamlessly with HC Standard®, giving you the information to make timely and informed lifesaving decisions.

HC Patient Tracking™ is useful for tracking more than people. For instance, it can allow emergency personnel to track not only the evacuees, but their pets as well, to ensure they can be reunited later in the event of separation.
  GER’s HC Standard® was created with first responders in mind. It has since evolved to incorporate information and to interface with emergency response and emergency medical systems already used by organizations—both government and non-government. HC Standard® promotes situational awareness and multi-source data connection into a customizable, and easy to use common operating picture. The HC Standard® Application Suite includes:  
  • With HC Patient Tracking™, First Responders in the field are no longer tied to slow and costly mobile devices. The software can be integrated into devices with which the Responders are already familiar, speeding up deployment substantially.

  • Connectivity is not an issue, as HC Patient Tracking™ will automatically “Store-and-Forward” patient information in the background. This allows users to continue administering care without interruption.

  • HC Patient Tracking™ will allow you to scan barcodes located on triage tags or ID cards to create records. The record in HC Patient Tracking™ includes the date and time when it was scanned, as well as the GPS coordinates.Responders or triage personnel can add additional details to the record such as detailed patient information, vitals, and injuries, as well as audio, video and still images. Any items included into the record created with HC Patient Tracking™ will be associated with that person throughout the cycle of triage and care to discharge.

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