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Download PDF of the GER Healthcare Emergency Management Software

GER Healthcare Emergency Management Software


Organize Your Response

  The HC software & technology suite for healthcare and safety organizations connects and supports healthcare workers, providers, agencies, first responders and emergency management personnel. Our team of experts work hard to ensure our clients can do their jobs, saving lives.
  The HC Standard® Software Suite  
  GER’s HC Standard® was created with first responders in mind. It has since evolved to incorporate information and to interface with emergency response and emergency medical systems already used by organizations—both government and non-government. HC Standard® promotes situational awareness and multi-source data connection into a customizable, and easy to use common operating picture. The HC Standard® Application Suite includes:  
  HC Standard® is also designed for use on mobile devices. Our mobile applications accommodate an unlimited number of users and international geographical locations, allowing your team to have access to information when and how they need it.

At GER, our commitment is to continuously improve data integration and availability. Whether during emergency situations or daily operations, data should be made available to the right people at all times. When we do our job, your personnel can do theirs better. The ease and efficiency we provide is crucial when that job is saving lives.

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