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Evolve Medical Imaging
Evolve has in-depth expertise providing large hospitals, imaging centers and small private specialty practices with advanced medical imaging technology and ergonomic reading rooms solutions. We work with our clients to improve workflow, optimize productivity, better serve patients and increase revenue. Our approach is unique. Evolve thoughtfully assesses need and implements practical imaging solutions to optimize workflow and achieve results.
The MRIpad is an inflatable mattress pad. It was designed to reduce patient call-backs, decrease sedation and patient anxiety by increasing patient stability and comfort during MRI scanning.
Optimized Reading Rooms
Evolve develops ergonomic reading room environments that offer a measurable impact on accuracy and productivity. Our reading rooms adapt to the needs of the individual, enhance the interpretation process, aid in the well being of the Radiologist and provide more comfort and safety.
Critical Results Reporting
Evolve offers a critical results reporting solutions that with a few simple automated steps can improve patient safety, increase productivity and help to achieve compliance.
Featured Accessories
Huge Selection of Aprons! 
Film-based Imaging Supplies

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