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ILC Dover Sentinel XL PAPR: 

One PAPR, Two Missions (HP and CBRN) 

  GREAT OFFER: Our 2020 Asset Expansion Program allows for deep discounts PLUS another 10% OFF on ALL ILC Dover Sentinel XL systems, conversion kits, and consumable components.The 2020 Asset Expansion Program is only available until December 31, 2020 and only through Evolve Emergency Preparedness, so order today. 
  The Sentinel XLTM PAPR Systems were designed for use by first receivers and first responders. The same robust blower system serves both the Sentinel XL CBRN (butyl hooded system designed for decontamination activities) and the Sentinel XLTM HP (available with a range of head tops and hoods to support healthcare needs). Since these systems use the same blower, conversion kits are available to convert either one into the other thereby saving on additional blower or system purchases. The XL systems includes a choice of three battery systems - NiMH rechargeable, Lithium non-re-chargeable, and Alkaline (D-cell).

The Sentinel XL is available with the ILC Dover white head cover, the New EZ BioHood, the Sentinel XL Clear Hood, the Sentinel XL BioShield Full Hood, and the CBRN fully integrated hood. Users can easily convert one Sentinel configuration to another with the change of head cover/hose and filters (Sentinel XL Conversion Kits).
  Special Features
  • Single blower platform supports by Decon operations and Infectious Disease applications
• Blower delivers 7.5-8 CFM airflow – increased protection and comfort
• Loose fitting PAPR requires no fit testing
• Low voltage alarm (audible and visible) for increase safety
• NIOSH approved CAP 2 system with LRPL (protection factor rating) of 10,000
• Available with non-rechargeable, rechargeable, and alkaline battery packs to increase readiness
• Ergonomic backpack and Quick-Loc belt mounting options available. Backpack doubles as carrier and   blower suspension system
• Integral battery pack eliminates snagging potential and improves deconability
  Sentinel CBRN Technical Specifications
Material:  Rugged sealed Nylon Protective  Shell, with  floating polycarbonate internal  blower  assembly – dual chamber provides enhanced durability
Weight: 1.0 lb (without battery)
Nominal Flow Rate: 195 lpm
Noise Level: <75 dB
Low Voltage Alarm:  Flashing LED and Buzzer
Cartridge interface:  40 mm (military/NATO style) integration with integral blower gaskets
CBRN Hood    
Configuration/design:  “lay flat” design.  Replaceable head strap unsnaps to permit hood to lay flat preventing damage and allowing it to store easily in the backpack
Material:  Butyl coated fabric
Visor: Impact resistant, optical grade polycarbonate
Seams: Sewn and Taped
Head Strap: Cushioned/anti-microbial with 5 adjustment positions to comfortably support a wide range of wearers
Exhaust System: Single Silicone valve – M40 style with  plastic valve cover
Sizing: Single size
Hose: Flexible, reinforced with butyl sheath – integral part of butyl hood.
Securing Feature: Adjustable draw cord
Chemical Cartridge    
NIOSH Protections: CBRN Cap 2
Package: Hermetically sealed foil pouch

System Usage: 3 each
Suspension/Storage Options
Quick-Loc Belt
• Configuration:  Easily adjustable up to 55 inch waist size
• Material:  Smooth, deconable polymer laminate
• Integration with blower:  Rapid “snap-in” configuration provides tactile   feedback of secure engagement

Optional  Backpack
• Configuration: Designed to store entire system including blower,   cartridges, hood with integral breathing tube, flow meter, and battery   charger.  Backpack is also part of the NIOSH approved “as worn”   configuration serving to support the blower on the back.
•  Material:  Polyester and Nylon
Alkaline Battery Pack   Accessories 
Configuration: Internal receptacles to support D cell batteries with external sealed cover
Battery mount: Direct snap-on to blower
Weight: 1.95 lbs
Nominal Life: 10 hours (per 5 Duracell Batteries)
  Conversion Kits – provide all necessary components to allow CBRN system to convert to infectious disease application
Rechargeable Battery Pack (Standard NiMH)    Quality Standards
Configuration: Sealed external cover with  blower  connector
Battery mount:  Direct snap-on to blower
Weight:  1.65 lbs
Nominal Life: 8 hours
Charge/Discharge  Cycles: 500
Re-charge time (with  Smart Charging system): 5 hours
  All Sentinel XL products are NIOSH approved.  NIOSH approvals TC-23C-2312
Battery Pack  (Optional LiMnO2)    
Configuration: Sealed external cover with blower connector
Battery mount: Direct snap-on to blower
Weight: 1.40 lbs
Nominal Life: 10 hours
Shelf Life:  Maximum 10 years from Date of Manufacture
PAPR Response Cart Systems Available
  Type: AC/DC for Sealed NiMH Battery
Current: 2A
Voltage: 6 volts
Charge type: Auto-Switch to trickle charge
Feedback: Red/Green LED
  I hear a lot about capacity ratings of NIOSH CBRN approved PAPRs. What does that mean and why does it matter?
Capacity ratings reflect the approved service life of a filter cartridge based on NIOSH test requirements for specific gas/vapor challenges. A capacity rating of Cap1 indicates a NIOSH approved service life for the filter cartridge of 15 minutes when exposed to the gas/vapor challenge and breakthrough criteria indicated in the Standard. A Cap2 rating indicates a 30 minute service life when tested to the same criteria.

This means that a Cap2 approved PAPR system offers twice the gas/vapor operational capability and half of the operational costs of Cap1 approved systems. Certain design features and performance characteristics that go into a Cap2 approval may boost user confidence and operational capability during an event.

Are conversion kits available to convert my Sentinel CBRN system to a PAPR designed for infectious disease applications?
Yes – multiple kits are available with head covers, clear hoods, full hoods, and filters to economically adapt your CBRN PAPR.

Why would I select an alkaline battery adapter?
With the alkaline battery adapter you never have to worry about charging your PAPR.  You’re ready at a moments notice and you can convert back to a rechargeable battery configuration in less than a minute.


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