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  ISO-POD ensures safe and secure isolation and transport of patients both within and between facilities.
  Special Features  
  • Effective NEGATIVE PRESSURE Isolation
• The ability to change filters while the patient is inside,
  allowing for extended time inside the pod (CBSP Model)
• Ability to intubate the patient while inside
• Most cost effective solution for the highest level of protection
• Heavy duty and puncture resistant
• Greater than 12 air exchanges per hour
• Less than 1 minute set‐up Time
• Equipped with a 4 CFM blower with rechargeable Li-­Ion battery and charger
• Equipped with 4” wide gloved access points (5” for CBSP model with extended length gloves)
  allowing multiple access points to your patient
• Pass thru ports to allow objects into system
• Ports to allow IV, Oxygen and other lines access to the patient
• Five flexible arches allowing voluminous work and patient space
• Constructed from 18 oz. reinforced FR rated PVC and 16 gage clear vinyl material
• A zipper that extends the length of system
• Includes a restraint strap system to secure the patient during transport
• Varying window lengths for easy viewing
• Chemical resistant materials are available on the CBSP    
  *Although the ISO POD may be decontaminated in most instances, we recommend the user refer to the current CDC guidelines for all decontamination procedures, especially for Ebola.  
  All ISO POD Models come with a 4.5V Li-Ion 8-hour battery and charger

All of our ISO POD Systems use (2) IRT HE-P100 Filters and either (1) or (2) IRT ISO---POD HE/OV/AG Filters

IRT manufacturers or assembles all  ISO POD  components  to ensure replacement parts are readily available


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