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  Certified Traceable Thermometer
  Economical & Reliable Vaccine Cold Chain Management
The Certified Traceable Thermometer provides continuous monitoring of temperatures without the need to open the storage unit. This calibrated, digital thermometer has a detachable, biosafe, glycol-encased probe (recommended by the CDC) to provide a more accurate reading of actual vaccine temperature. The triple display simultaneously shows high, low, and current temperatures for effective vaccine monitoring.
• Traceable to standards provided by NIST
• Records high/low readings
• Signals out-of-range conditions (visual & audible)
• 10 foot micro-cable
• Flip-open stand & wall mount
Temperature Range: -50° to 70° C
Resolution: 1°
Accuracy: ± 1° C
Dimensions: 2.75” x 4.25” x .75”
Weight: 4oz


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