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Mobile computer carts have become very popular since they add a great deal of flexibility to the workspace. Using a movable computer cart has added value with benefits such as:

Movable computer carts allow users to move their computer or laptop nearly anywhere.

Allows for More Voluntary Movement
In harmony with a neutral posture, voluntary motion works at maintaining the bodies comfort within its surroundings. Voluntary movements are movements that occur unconsciously, and with the purpose to prevent strain and fatigue, to maintain balance and to prevent the build-up of toxins that result from static posture.
Economical Ergonomic Solution
In general, laptops are convenient but not conducive to well-being. The way we typically use laptops violates the standards of good ergonomic behavior. Users have the option of sitting or standing while using a cart; movement being a basic maxim of ergonomics.
Tailored Workspace
Adjustable supports such as carts allow users to tailor a workstation to match their individual characteristics, providing the maximum of comfort and productivity.


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