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Cyalume SnapLights  
  Cyalume SnapLights are a safe, reliable, affordable source of light in an emergency. SnapLights are easy to use. Simply bend, snap and shake, industrial grade SnapLights for Phthalate-free instant light for all emergency situations. They can be can be activated in wet, dry, cold or warm weather. SnapLights are non-toxic, non-flammable, waterproof and do not require a permit for storage. All SnapLights can be paired with an optional handle, cone adaptor, or magnetic base for increased performance. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and durations. They offer dependable illumination and are ideal for use in every emergency when light is needed. (Meet DOT Non-Hazardous Standards)
6 Inch SnapLight
Special Feature
Hook and eye for easy hanging when needed

30 Minute
Yellow Hi-Intensity, Red Hi-Intensity, White Hi-Intensity

8 Hour
Blue, white

12 Hour
Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

Case Quantity

8 Inch SnapLight Flare Alternative
Special Features
Ultra hi-intensity flare alternative SnapLight. Developed as a safe, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional incendiary flares. Reflective strip enhances visibility for up to 1 mile. Attached wire stand for easy setup and activation.

30 Minute
Ulta-High Intensity Orange

Case Quantity
48 (4 Packs of 12)

10 Inch SnapLight Flare Alternative
Special Features
Provides 2 hours of safe affordable light and is visible for up to 1 mile. Fits securely in a metal bipod stand to prevent rolling. 1 Stick lasts 4x longer than a traditional flare.

2 hour
Green, Yellow, Red

Case Quantity
40 (4 Packs of 10)
12 Inch SnapLight LightStick
Special Features
Widely used by law enforcement, mining and utility companies. Provides 3x the light of a 6"inch SnapLight.  Ideally used for area lighting, signaling and evacuations. Individually wrapped in foil with a hole punch at the top for easy hanging.

12 hour
Green - Individually Foil Wrapped

Case Quantity
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