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Secure Medical Networking is a cloud-based application that utilizes the internet to enable institutions to securely share medical images and associated patient data.

  Open LiteBox is a DICOM viewer with powerful import tools and communication capabilities with PACS or other DICOM based applications. Used by healthcare professionals worldwide, Open LiteBox is easy to deploy in various types of institutions. Open LiteBox is highly customizable to address your own workflow.
    DICOM Izer is an easy-to-use and intuitive solution for image capturing, distribution and storage with or without PACS.  It can easily integrate images such as radiology films, dermatology images, pictures and video data from endoscopies, surgeries, and X-rays (deglutition studies) into the imaging network.
  CD-In  has been designed to automatically integrate  external studies from the front desk PC into PACS. Simply insert the CD, CD-in will manage its integration. 
  Print-in makes it very simple to convert to DICOM format and to send all types of printable digital documents (PDF, Word, JPEG) to the PACS. Print-in software installs on any computer terminal (secretary, radiologist, physician, etc.) and acts like a virtual printer. 
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