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Download PDF of the Quaildigital Healthcare Headset System

Digital Headset System

  Evolve offers the Quaildigital Healthcare Headset System. It is a high quality, hands-free, lightweight digital wireless headset system for up to 12 clinicians and physicians. It is simple to use, license-free and easy to install. The headset weighs just 50g and comes with both headband or neckband for choice and comfort. Despite its minimal size, talk time from a fully charged battery is seven hours giving plenty of flexibility. Operating in digital DECT frequency, the Quaildigital system avoids the analog interference you may have experienced with other systems. Multiple systems can be used in the same premises without interference. The system operates on the high quality 1.91-1.93 GHz frequency band.

Download PDF of the Quaildigital Healthcare Headset System
• Improved communication with hooded
  PAPR assembly

• Improved clinical team communication
• Up to 12 headset users
• Wireless, lightweight headsets
• Hands-free, talk-lock, push-to-talk
• Queries solved quicker
• Interference free
• Seven hour battery life

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