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Roentgen WebWorks is a 100% Browser based DICOM Viewer. No plug-in is required. HTML and Javascript provides exceptional performance and quality comparable to advanced imaging workstations. Dont spend thousands of dollars on dedicated workstations, all you need is WebWorks and a browser!

  Connected with any DICOM capable server, BRIT PACS View DICOM Workstation obtains worklists and retrieves studies, creates, stores and retrieves presentation states and key objects, and communicates study statuses with the server. It also supports DICOM printing and reading and exporting PDI compliant CDs.
    DoctorWorks iPad Viewer App allows Physicians to access patient information and images when mobile and virtually anyplace there is WIFI coverage. As the user moves in and out of the coverage area, the DoctorWorks iPad App securely caches your data locally so you always have access. Youll get all the features of Roentgen Works in a convenient mobile package.
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