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  Easy Rescue
Easy Rescue Buddy
Easy Rescue BUDDY is a two-man, hands-free, lightweight evacuation harness. With a weight of about one kilogram, BUDDY and Buddy Pro can easily become an integral element in  first aid bags and be ready for any evacuation situation in less than a minute.
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Easy Rescue BUDDY PRO
BUDDY PRO is especially designed for emergency and rescue forces such as firefighters, emergency, disaster and response teams. BUDDY PRO has all the advantages of BUDDY with an additional ability for use as an evacuation blanket.
BUDDY PRO MEDIC is an integrated emergency response and evacuation solution. This ideal tool is designed for cases in which an immediate medical response is required prior to evacuation both for military and civilian use. Get to the site, open the kit, use a multi-functional bandage or tourniquet, an initial burn treatment, ensure an air way, remove by rescue blanket for initial treatment and then use the "BUDDY" to evacuate.
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