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Air Shelters

Zumro is a world-class American designer and manufacturer of air products. In their 25-year existence they have revolutionized the portable decontamination system industry. All of our air shelters are manufactured by Zumro and are engineered to rigorous climate and terrain standards. They are designed to shed snow, deploy during the harshest weather and withstand 60 mph winds.  All of our shelters have the ability to seamlessly connect with other Zumro shelters creating a “building block” advantage. Their legendary portability and ruggedness further distinguish them in their multiplicity of uses.  Governmental, military, state and local first responders and receivers have purchased our air shelters fully recognizing the world-class standing of our manufacturing partner.

                           Field Hospitals
Our Field Hospitals are designed for the increasing need of medical surge capacity and other large-scale emergency shelter needs. Like all other Zumro shelters, Field Hospital is able to deploy within minutes even in harsh weather. Field Hospital seamlessly integrates with other Zumro shelters and the new Quad Interface Shelter to create an even larger facility.
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                Decontamination Shelters
Our decontamination shelters come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  All are designed for quick and easy deployment, are pre-fitted with shower, water, sump and accessory quick connections, are mildew and fire resistant and remain standing in severe weather conditions. 
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                        Isolation Shelters 
Evolve can configure shelters with portable air scrubbers that can supply isolation for contagious patients.  Today, many of our clients are concerned with pandemic issues and concomitant “surge” protection.  The avian flu contagion is a constant threat as well as other potentially lethal natural or man-made pathogens that may infect our population.  Isolation becomes a critical component in the triage and immediate critical care of these potentially infected individuals.
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                    Quad Interface Shelter
Our 454 sq.ft. Quad Interface Shelter with four connector doors and removable Velcro flooring provides our clients with ultimate flexibility.  It is designed to interconnect as many as four Zumro systems, (models from 150 to 860 sq.ft.), and serve as the command center for all.  As with all Zumro shelters this unit will rapidly deploy with 2.5 p.s.i. and remain fully deployed through extreme weather and terrain.  This unit has been utilized as the operations center for many field hospitals and mass casualty incidents.
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               SUV Command/Control Shelter
This shelter easily converts any full size SUV into a Command and Control center. Like all Zumro shelters the Command/Control shelter deploy easily and with in 4 minutes. The shelter connects to an SUV with an adjustable Neoprene connector sleeve. The SUV connection can be closed off for use as a stand-alone shelter.
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