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Kevytton Coveralls


Kevytton Coverall has passed industrial-standard tests for its intended applications, making its protective qualities comparable to Tyvek® garments. It is ideal for the protection against bloodborne pathogens, dust and other manufacturing exposures, and for crime scene cleanup, general ‘dirty work’, and lead and asbestos abatement.

Kevytton Coveralls are available in sizes Small through 5XL in the following configurations: coverall with ooe wrists and cuffs, coverall with elastic wrists and cuffs, coverall with attached hood and elastic wrists and ankles, and coverall with attached hood, boots with elastic wrists.

Note: This is NOT a Class B/Level II Chemical protective suit but for applications where IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) is not a factor.


Material Information
Material Weight: 60 g/m2
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate:
1500 g/m2/24hr
Water Resistance: 18.8 Kpa
Flat Abrasion Resistance: 198 cycles
Breaking Strength:
MD: 70 N/5 cm, XD: 50 N/5 cm
  Elongated at Break: MD: N60%, XD: 50%
Tear Strength: MD: N/A, XD: 8.6 N/5cm
Electric Charge Density: 6.5 uC/m2
Flammability: Melt-down
Dry Particle Filtration Efficiency: 
None Detected
Wet Particle Filtration Efficiency:
Non Detected

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