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Evolve Emergency
Modular Hospital System
  Download PDF of the Evolve Emergency Modular Hospital System
The Evolve Emergency Modular Hospital System is completely customizable. The illustration below features the Losberger TAG 5A which fits 12 Rapid Response Emergency Beds providing 45 square feet for each patient. Choose from a variety of environmental control units, HEPA filtration & isolation systems, and bed solutions. All systems feature Losberger TAG Inflatable Shelters that deploy in less than 10 minutes with 2-3 people.
The AI-77 turns the individual patient bed into an isolation zone in a matter of minutes, giving the healthcare worker protection from airborne infectious disease. Surpasses CDC guidelines for infectious disease isolation requirements.
The Rapid Response Emergency Bed is a cost effective solution that provides immediate additional bed capacity for overflow in the emergency department, a field hospital, or mass casualty incident. Quick assembly, durable and easy to decontaminate.
The DRAKE line of portable ECUs offers all-in-one service for air conditioning, heating and dehumidifying for all field applications. We offer many different mounting configurations to include: cart mounted, trailer mounted and skid mounted. All versions available in 60Hz and 50Hz configurations.
AIRISO PASS (Portable Air Safety Systems) line of equipment meets all of your air scrubbing or medical isolation needs, as well as odor abatement and general air purification requirements. We reach unmatched levels of performance by employing our patented technology of HEPA filtration and UVC
irradiation as a portable system on wheels. The HEPA filter is under 24/7 UVC irradiation, neutralizing all bio-aerosol contamination captured by the filter. All PASS units incorporate high flow HEPA filters rated at 99.99% effective at O.3 microns.
Complete your field hospital with
any combination of these options.
• Rapid response emergency beds (adult,
  bariatric, pediatric, crib style and
  veterinary versions available)
• Environmental control units: available
  for all shelter sizes
• HEPA filtration units: PASS systems for air
  scrubbing exceed recommended air change
• Isolation beds: maximize your bed space with
  individual HEPA filtration bed systems
• Mobile medical systems: complete clinical
  packages organized for field deployment:
  triage, wound care, general medicine, PPE,
  surgical, OB-GYN, etc.
• Complete lighting packages for Losberger
  Rapid Inflatable Shelters
• Hard flooring packages available for all
• PPE for clinical and support staff: gloves,
  disposable bio-protection suits, eye protection,
  respiratory protection
• Decontamination systems: field deployable,
  single stage shower and multi-lane, mass
  decontamination systems available
• Mobile water treatment systems for all field
Optional Equipment
• Automatic pressure control system
• Internal partition walls
• Internal liners
• External sunshade
• Protective groundsheet
• Lighting & electrical distribution box
• Heating/AC systems
• Hard flooring
• Side door(s)
• Connecting & entrance modules
• Printed logos
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