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8 Inch/20cm UB20 Blower/Exhauster

  • Powerful, compact size and lightweight
  • High pressure axial blower with ultra-quiet operation
  • Corrosion-proof, dent-resistant and virtually indestructible
  • Double-walled UV resistant polyethylene housing
  • Thermal switch provides overheat protection
  • 15’/4.6m AC power cord w/ IP65 rain tested switch enclosure
  • 15’/4.6m DC power cord w/ battery clips
  • IMPA Code:ED7002 - 591406
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  MODEL    UB20 (12V)   UB20 (50Hz)    UB20 (60Hz)
FREE AIR   862cfm/1,465m3/hr   819cfm/1,392m3/hr   980cfm/1,666m3/hr
15ft/4.6m 1-90 degree turn    895cfm/1,181m3/hr    659cfm/1,120m3/hr    789cfm/1,341m3/hr 
15ft/4.6m 2-90 degree turns   586cfm/996m3/hr   558cfm/948m3/hr   666cfm/1,132m3/hr
DUCT ADAPTER(S)   2   2   2
IMPELLER    9-blade    9-blade   9-blade 
WEIGHT   17lbs/8kg   17lbs/8kg    17lbs/8kg 
DIMENSIONS(h/w/d)   14/12/13 in, 335/305/330mm    14/12/13 in, 335/305/330mm    14/12/13 in, 335/305/330mm 
NOISE   74dB   74dB   74dB
MOTOR   0.33/Hp/0.25kW   0.33/Hp/0.19kW   0.33/Hp/0.25kW
ELECTRIC   12V DC    240VAC, 1o    240VAC, 1o 
AMPS-RUN    11.5A    1.3A    2.9A 
  Airflow Certified by Colorado Experimental Engineering Station, Inc. (CEESI) 

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