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  Why More Healthcare Workers are Choosing Bullard EVA
  1.) EVA Hoods require NO fit testing and have five times the APF compared to a N95 mask in which fit testing is required. Users can choose from more than 15 hood styles, including loose-fitting facepieces, needed for use with stethoscope. (EVA has an APF of 1,000 when used with double bib hood shown to the right.)

2.) EVA is the only PAPR with Active Flow Technology™ to ensure a constant air flow which reacts to the user’s need for air and works despite a depleting battery.  In addition, EVA has a dual speed airflow. Users can toggle to the desired setting (high speed for more air or low speed for less air).

3.) EVA is easier to DECON. EVA was engineered with a chemically resistant, sealed & gasketed housing, and closed cell foam belt. EVA also has a shower cap accessory that enables the unit to undergo DECON shower.

4.) EVA has two distinct audible alarms that notifies the users of low battery or low air flow. Alarm sound travels through the breathing tube to the user’s ear. Low battery alarm alerts users with at least 20 minutes of battery time remaining. Low airflow alerts user when flow falls below 185 Lpm.

5.) EVA has a durable brushless 10,000-hour motor for superior reliability. In addtion, EVAs brushless battery is one of the quietest available, while providing significantly higher airflows.

6.) EVA has a battery that lasts 10 hours and an easy-to-read visual battery fuel gauge. LEDs illuminate to display remaining capacity in 25% increments.   

7.) EVA has a single HEPA filter for quick and easy installation and a filter locking tab that offers visual and audible indication of positive filter installation. EVA has lower consumable costs vs. blowers that require up to three combination filters.

8.) EVA is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and balanced. EVA comes with a contoured belt made of closed-cell, chemically resistant foam shaped to contour to the back for added comfort.



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