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Evacuation LightStations  
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  Cyalume LightStations provides emergency lighting with 4, 10, or 20 10" SnapLights that last for 4 hours. The photoluminescent label makes the LightStation instantly identifiable in the dark when the power goes out. When the front cover of the lightstation is opened, all SnapLights activate and can be easily removed to provide users with the personal lighting they need to reach safety. However, when the model 20 is opened, one SnapLight is activated to provide area lighting, leaving the remaining 19 to be activated as needed with a simple bend, snap, and shake. All LightStations can be mounted to the wall near exits, fire extinguishers, within transportation systems, or in rooms and hallways that have little or no emergency lighting. Each LightStation is sealed with pins that provide a visual alert of use or tampering.   
Special Features
Light Stations
• Made of fire and blast resistant steel or industrial   strength plastic
• Hold 4, 6, 10, or 20 - 10 inch lightsticks called   SnapLights
• Provide personal and area lighting when opened
• Instantly identifiable in the dark
• Equipped with tamper evident seal

• 4 year shelf life
• 4 hours of portable 360° light
• Activate with a bend, snap and shake
• No batteries, no maintenance
• Phthalate FREE
Cyalume S.E.E. System
More dependable than flashlights, safer than candles or flares, S.E.E. Systems enable the distinct marking of evacuation routes.
Cyalume's S.E.E. boxes are easy to locate in the dark by providing a glowing photoluminescent label. Simply install on walls of evacuation routes and in public areas. Two 6" yellow SnapLights® activate when cover is pulled. SnapLights® are included. Refill Kits are also available.
Special Features
• Photoluminescent label is immediately visible
• Includes tamper-evident pin
• Each ChemLight® illuminates for two hours
Product Application
• Install S.E.E.® every 100 feet along a designated
  evacuation route to provide a safe, clearly-
  lighted path
• Place in critical areas, i.e. near fire extinguishers, exits,
  stairwells, alarms
• Activate by pulling the front cover
• Remove one ChemLight® and evacuate;leave the other in
  place as a stationary light source for others following

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