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Emergency Film Group

  Emergency Film Group and Detrick Lawrence Corporation have produced over 150 training programs on emergency response and won more than 140 awards for training effectiveness and filmmaking excellence. Since 1987, they have trained over a million emergency responders.
  • Professional filmmakers with over 25 years in emergency responder training
  • Broadcast quality
  • 100% live action, including footage of actual incidents combined with realistic training scenarios depicting emergency responders successfully mitigating emergency situations
  • Accurate, authoritative and current with relevant consensus standards and federal guidelines, updated regularly and developed with guidance from a technical committee of authorities in the subject field
  • Leader's Guides, Model Procedures Guides and CD-Roms with PowerPoints, quizzes and additional support documents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction!
  Emergency Management      Awareness 
  Colleges & Universities     Emergency Medical
   Compliance     Fire & Rescue
  Incident Management     Industry & Petrochemical 
  Law Enforcement     Maritime
  Safety & Security     Terrorism Response
  Hazmat/Hazwoper     Homeland Security 

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