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Emergency Medical Training Films

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Hospital First Receiver Series 
The Hospital First Receiver Series is a 4-module series of DVDs providing health and safety training for hospital personnel to protect them against exposure to contaminants during mass casualty situations.
Recognizing Contaminated Patients
The Recognizing Contaminated Patients DVD can stand alone to provide awareness training to staff about avoiding contamination during the initial care and treatment of victims, or as a part of the series to provide Operations Level training for those who may participate in mass casualty decontamination.
HICS: Hospital Incident Command System 
Hospital Incident Command System DVD is the second module DVD in the Hospital First Receiver Series. It provides training in the Hospital Incident Command System, a nationally-recognized system that gives hospitals and other healthcare facilities an emergency management plan for any type of event that adversely affects the facility.
Self Protection 
Self Protection DVD is Module 3 in the Hospital First Receiver Series.  It describes how to select the proper type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to use during a mass casualty situation in order to protect healthcare workers from exposure to contaminated patients. It explains about the different choices in PPE and the issues involved in selecting the correct ensemble.
Patient Contamination 
This is the 4th module DVD in the Hospital First Receiver Series. It explains the importance of hospital decontamination plans for large numbers of casualties in the event of a major terrorist, hazmat or natural catastrophe resulting in contaminated patients.
Medical Operations at Hazmat Incidents
Medical Operations at Hazmat Incidents DVD helps organizations meet the requirements of NFPA 473, and Professional Competencies of EMS Personnel Responding to Hazardous Materials Incidents.  EMTs and paramedics will learn how to work with first responders if needed at a hazmat incident. NEW LOW PRICE!
Terrorism: Medical Response 
Terrorism: Medical Response DVD is designed for EMS, medical services, hospitals and public health agencies.  This important training resource prepares personnel in the medical community to be pro-active in planning for and responding to a terrorist incident.
Terrorism: Biological Weapons 
Terrorism: Biological Weapons DVD provides training and response guidelines to emergency personnel who would be called upon to respond to a terrorist incident involving biological agents. NEW LOW PRICE!
CO: Response to Carbon Monoxide Incidents 
CO: Response to Carbon Monoxide DVD  provides training to firefighters, industrial fire teams, EMTs, police, poison control center personnel, plant safety personnel and others who may be called upon to respond to an incident involving carbon monoxide. NEW LOW PRICE!
Active Shooters: Rapid Response 
Active Shooter: Rapid Response DVD is safety training for school adminstration, law enforcement, emergency management and others who may be involved in the response to a mass shooting. This compelling program combines realistic scenarios and footage of actual incidents. Filmed at a school using students as victims and administrators initiating appropriate response measures.
Mass Decon DVD takes the viewer up close as emergency personnel decontaminate victims of terrorism agents. NEW LOW PRICE!
NIMS for EOCs 
NIMS for EOCs DVD describes the function of the Emergency Operations Center and how it is staffed, organized and activated. Designed for federal, state, tribal and local emergency management personnel as well as private industry and disaster response organization personnel. The program also portrays how the EOC supports Incident Command during a response.
Terrorism: Radiological Weapons 
Terrorism: Radiological Weapons DVD shows a credible scenario in the use of a dirty bomb, consisting of explosives and radioactive materials. This important DVD program uses footage of emergency responders performing actual training exercises to respond to scenarios involving radiological weapons. Part of the WMD Response Series. NEW LOW PRICE!
Workplace Strategies for Pandemic Preparedness 
This training kit is designed to help business, industry and government facilities prepare for and mitigate the almost inevitable impacts of an influenza pandemic and to sustain operational continuity through the onset of a global pandemic.

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