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Evolve offers a wide range of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) that provide reliable protection against nuclear, biological and chemical agents as well as PAPRs that offer infection control. The PAPRs we offer are widely used by first responders, healthcare personnel and first receivers, US Department of Energy Nuclear Labs, other government agencies, biomedical and research facilities.

Featured on this page is the Bullard EVA. EVA is the latest in cutting-edge PAPR technology and was engineered to provide constant air-flow using a single HEPA filter to provide the needed protection against particulates at a high efficiency level. It is ergonomically engineered to be compact and lightweight. EVA’s revolutionary design:

    • Uses single HEPA filter to provide needed
     protection 5 times greater than N95
    • Provides dual airflow options & maintains
     a constant airflow
    • Enables the EVA to easily undergo DECON  
    • Ergonomic and lightweight

Bullard EVA's Revolutionary Design
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Active Flow Technology
Equipped with an innovative Active Flow Technology™ system that automatically maintains constant airflow, EVA consistently responds to user’s need for more or less air. This intelligent system is continuously working to maintain constant airflow, regardless of filter type, hood type, filter loading or battery capacity. EVA is also equipped with an easy-to-read fuel gauge that enables the user to quickly check the unit’s battery status. In addition, EVA has a dual speed airflow. Users can toggle to the desired setting (high speed for more air or low speed for less air).

Visual Fuel Gauge
The easy to read fuel gauge displays remaining battery capacity at a glance. Wearers can check battery status at any time while using EVA.
  Filter Locking Tab
EVA helps ensure positive filter installation with a single click. The filter locking tab notifies the user that the filter is in place with both a visual indication and audible click.
Integrated alarms
Two distinct audible alarms notify user of low battery and low air flow. Alarm sound travels through the breathing tube to the user's ear. Low battery alarm alerts users with at least 20 minutes of battery time remaining. Low airflow alerts user when flow falls below 185 Lpm.
EVA is powered by a long-lasting 10,000-hour brushless motor. Unlike other motors that can quickly wear out, this durable brushless motor is designed for long-term reliable use.
Single HEPA Filter
EVA offers a single HEPA filter for easy use. While other manufacturers’ PAPRs may require up to three combination filters, EVA makes it simple, with an easy-to-install single HEPA filter.

  Click icon to download PDF of the Bullard EVA (with order form on page 3) PDF: 1.7MB


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