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Hazmat/Hazwoper Training Films

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Global Harmonization & the Hazard Communication Standard 
New! Updates to the Hazcom Standard align it with the UN's Global Harmonization standard. This training will make workers and emergency responders aware of the changes. 
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Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident 
This eight-part DVD series provides Operations Level, Technician Level and Command Level training for hazardous materials incidents, as required by OSHA's Hazwoper Law and NFPA 472. 
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Radiation Monitoring 
Radiation Monitoring DVD trains personnel in mission specific Operations Level competencies regarding monitoring for radiation at WMD events as well as natural disasters and industrial accidents.
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Hazmat Investigation Package 
This two -part program includes an introduction to investigations and a second part that shows how to carry out investigations of hazardous materials leaks, spills and explosions.
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Hazmat Operations Series 
The HazMat Operations Series DVDs are 5 Modules teaching the core competencies required for Operations Level certification. Based on NFPA 472. Each available separately.
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Hazchem Series 
The HazChem Series consists of 11 DVDs, ach one introduces fundamental lessons about safe handling and emergency response procedures for a specific chemical or class of chemicals.  Also sold separately.
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Hazwoper Package 
Training package of OSHA/NFPA 472 training for Awareness, Operations, Technician and Command Level personnel. Includes: 19 DVDs plus 1 CD-Rom, 3 texts and 4 Guides.
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The Foam DVD examines all current foam concentrates, inlcuding FP, AFFF, AR-AFFF, FFFP, High expansion and Class A foams and their use for various types of fires.
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Air Monitoring Series 
The Air Monitoring Series is a two part DVD series consisting of Direct Reading Instruments and Contamination Assessment and studies basic monitoring instruments and sampling procedures. Each available separately.
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