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Med Sled Inserts

Pediatric patients require padded and secure surfaces and often need essential life-saving equipment during evacuation. Pediatric Inserts fit inside of the MS36 and MS48 Med Sled models to provide a safe and comfortable method for evacuating your most delicate patients. Medsled is safe to use down stairwells and utilizes a tethered braking device for a controlled and smooth descent.
Key Benefits 
• Multiple infants or toddlers can be transported at one time
• Children and equipment can fit in a MS36 or MS48 Med Sled
• Eliminates the need to carry the child 
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  Watch Introductory Video of Med Sled!
<<< Pediatric Inserts fit inside Med Sled models MS36 or MS48. Sled rolls up and fits into compact bag with shoulder strap.
Download PDF of Med Sled Pediatric Evacution.


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