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Standard Med Sled (MS36)

  Med Sled Standard is an fast and easy to use. Med Sled enables employees to safely transport patients down stairwells to exit a multi-level building. Each Med Sled is equipped with a tethered braking system for a controlled descent. Patients are secured and remain calmer during evacuation. The sled is compact and can be stored and carried easily in a compact bag with shoulder straps. The Med Sled standard unfolds to 36 x 87. 
Key Benefits
  • Stairwell Braking System attached to every sled, allows for safe and controlled descents
  • No Lifting uses roll and drag method only
Product Description 
  • Rigid Sled is safe and easy to use in emergency situations
  • Holds over 800lbs vertical
  • 9000lb oversized Carabineer to fit on any stairwell for safe and controlled descents
  • Standard Sled is 36 X 87 inches
  • No Lift; uses roll and drag method only
    Compact and durable; Rolls to 8 inches to fit in over-the-should carrying bag
  • Each Med Sled come with a Carrying Bag
  • Each Med Sled comes with an attached Braking System attached
Each Med Sled comes
with its own carrying bag with an over-the-shoulder strap.
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