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Med Sled
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  Med Sled is a cost efficient, no-lift device. It allows emergency workers to evacuate non-ambulatory individuals down stairwells, using a tethered braking device for a controlled and smooth descent. Med Sled can easily be taken to the patient. The patient can be placed in the Med Sled in less than one minute and be evacuated to safety. Med Sled is currently used in hospitals and nursing homes all over the country.  
Standard Med Sled (MS36)
The Standard Med Sled is compact and can be stored and carried easily in a compact bag with shoulder straps. The Med Sled standard unfolds to 36 x 87.
Download Med Sled Standard Brochure >>>
Bariatric Med Sled (MS48)
The Bariatric Med Sled has an extra width and longer cross straps for wider girth patients and unfolds to 48 x 87.
Med Sled Inserts
Pediatric Inserts fit inside of the MS36 and MS48 Med Sled models to provide a safe and comfortable method for evacuating your most delicate patients.
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Med Sled Storage
Rescue Med Sled storage bags are made of durable canvas that protects products from contamination. They have pockets for equipment and evac plans and also have shoulder straps for convenient transportation.
Rescue Med Sled (MS30)
Rescue Med Sled is designed to be used for the rapid extrication of injured personal in all phases of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).
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Med Sled Cabineer

• No Lift: uses roll and drag
  method only
• Stairwell Braking System
  attached to every sled,
  allows for safe
  and controlled descents
• No Lifting uses roll and drag
  method only
• Holds over 800lbs vertical
• 9000lb oversized Carabineer to
  fit on any stairwell for safe
  and controlled descents
• Compact and durable; Rolls to
  8 inches to fit in
  over-the-should carrying bag


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