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Military ChemLights
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  Military professional have trusted Cyalume Chemlights for nearly 40 years because of their demonstrated reliability, durability and effectiveness. ChemLights are simple to use and allow the war fighter to control the level of darkness to their advantage. With a patented formulation, Military ChemLights guarantee no heat, open flames or sparks before and after activation.

ChemLight products can be stored in areas that contain combustible mixtures of gases or liquids, and where ordinary sources of light could cause an explosion or fire hazard. They can be used for any emergency, and even underwater. Military ChemLights contribute to force protection and night operations, by offering simple solutions that help with mitigating the risks and hazards of the battlefield at night or in limited visibility conditions.
Mini Chemlight 
Small and compact enough to fit anywhere, the MINI ChemLight is a dependable source of light for military and law enforcement applications.
1.5”, 2”, 3” | Variety of Colors | 4 Hours of Illumination | 3 Hour Infrared
4 Inch Chemlight LightStick 
Lightweight, durable, 4” ChemLight with its proven reliability, allows soldiers to conduct tactical operations and training safely and efficiently. See and be seen, or decide to use IR stealth. Either way, Chemlights can control darkness to your advantage.
Green, Orange | 6 Hours of Illumination  | 8 Hour Infrared
6 Inch Chemlight LightStick 
Field tested and proven effective, 6” ChemLights are easy to use, easy to identify and dispose of during military and federal government operations and training.
12 Hour Green, Yellow, Orange, Red | 8 Hour Blue, White | High Intensity 30 Minute (Variety of Colors),  5 Minute Orange | 3 Hour, 8  Hour Infrared
Surface Trip Flare 
Proven by the US military, the Surface Trip Flare is safe for use in any environment, under any conditions. When triggered by a trip wire, it activates a 6” ChemLight.
5 Minute High Intensity Orange
10 Inch ChemLight LightStick 
The 10” Chemlight has an attached wire tripod that improves visibility for nighttime land operations.
2 Hour Orange with Tripod | 2 Hour Yellow without Tripod 
15 Inch Impact LightStick 
The only LightStick that activates on impact providing instant illumination. When near gas or oil, or any combustible materials, the 15” IMPACT LightStick is a dependable source of emergency lighting that is safe for use in all environments.
IMPACT: 12 Hour Green, Yellow, Red | 8 Hour Blue, White | High Intensity 5 MinOrange | 3 Hour Infrared Non-IMPACT: 12 Hour Green, Yellow, Red | 8 Hour Blue, White | High Intensity 5 MinOrange | 3 Hour, 8 Hour Infrared 
Infrared idIRt*
IdIRt (Intrusion Detection Infrared Traceable) technology enables the discreet tracking of suspects, the covert area highlighting, and the identification of places to go back and search. IdIRt looks like dirt, sand or cement to the naked eye but emits infrared light, visable through night vision equipment.
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Outside: 36-48 Hours of Usable Light, Possibly up to 1 Week
Inside: 1 to 2 Weeks (After Mixed, Kept in Sealed Bag)
Shelf Life: 1 Year (Unopened, Unmixed)
* All sales of Cyalume infrared products are restricted
to military and law enforcement agencies and will be
shipped to authorized agencies only. Please call to speak
with a representative or e-mail us.

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