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Personnel Marker Lights
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  Search and rescue Personnel Marker Lights are phthalate-free and provide easy, dependable solutions to help save lives at sea and on land. They are perfect for aviation, marine, camping and survival applications for water and wilderness rescue. Personnel Marker Lights provide up to 8 hours of light, visible up to 1 nautical mile and 3 miles form the air. All PML survival light sources are Coast Guard appoved.
Personnel Marker Light (PML)
PML's easily attach to PFD's and immersion suits for quick identification. Designed to be lightweight, waterproof, and buoyant, the PML is the ideal emergency locator.  Squeeze-handle providesimmediate activation.  When the protective sleeve is removed, 360o of reliable light is visible up to 1 nautical mile and up to 3 miles by air.  Recommended for off-shore and workboat personnel. Available in green; providing 8 hours of illumination.  Made in the USA.

Sold as bulk pack of 50.

The dual function, SOLAS PML is designed with chemical and electronic light source for additional protection.  The SOLAS PML securely attaches to a PFD.  When immersed in water, the electronic portion of the SOLAS PML® automatically starts flashing with a bright, white light that lasts for 8 hours. The green ChemLight™ can be manually activated by squeezing the handle. When the protective sleeve is removed, 360° of steady light is revealed. The SOLAS PML® is visible up to 1 nautical mile and up to 3 by air. The SOLAS PML® has United States Coast Guard, SOLAS and Wheelmark approval.

Available in Bulk pack of 40.

Dual PML
Dual Personnel Marker Light (PML) green chemical light stick with two attached light sticks (one that operates in water temperatures above 50 degrees F, and a second that operates in water temperatures below 50 degrees F). Metal clip for attaching to clothing, lifejackets, or personal flotation devices. Provides up to eight hours of 360-degree illumination
Can be seen up to a nautical mile away in water, and up to three miles away by air. Meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements for Approval Series number 0161.012/50/0

Available in Bulk pack of 50.

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