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ergonomic education 
          helps to change
and sustain goals!

Educating the worker on proper ergonomics and technological use, encourages behavioral changes that will sustain goals and provide a higher ROI.

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  Ergonomic Education  
  Evolve considers education to be a vital component to the appropriate application of ergonomic technology in the workspace. We believe education will help to ensure each individual accurately adopts the behaviors needed to affect the change to achieve the desired outcome. The hands-on educational component of our approach helps individuals aquire the practical knowledge to identify their own ergonomics stressors and is designed to help them find the right solutions for their individual needs quickly and easily.  
Evolve Workspace offers:
  • Certified Ergonomic Assessors - Our educators are experienced Level 1 Ergonomic Assessors (CEA1) who understand how to apply ergonomics technology to achieve practical, cost-effective improvements in the work place. They specifically modify educational engagements according to the individuals and organizational needs.
  • Onsite Hands-on Education - Each educational engagement is hands-on and is intened to provide practice so individuals can solve real-world problems efficiently and effectively.

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