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 improve occupational indoor
air quality
         with an air duster from evolve
• Removes Viruses, Plant Spores,
  Bacteria, Pollen, Inside Dust,
  Tobacco Smoke, Smog and Gas
  Molecules from your indoor air

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  Air Quality
  Occupational exposure to indoor biological and industrial air pollutants affect the health of millions of workers each year. Respiratory diseases and skin problems resulting from these contaminates cause increased sick days and productivity lose. Still, there are other  consequences of poor indoor air quality such as; employer liability, costly renovations, and bad publicity. What’s more, indoor air born particulates can be responsible for film processing artifacts that in the medical setting can affect diagnostic film fidelity. Approximately 75% of hazardous air pollutants and dust are invisible and therefore, often remain in the indoor environment causing these adverse health effects and production problems. Employers and building owners can improve the quality of their indoor environment and eliminate financial consequences by acquiring an air treatment system  such as a Duster from Evolve.  

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