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  Often universal waste contains mercury, PCBs, gases and other toxic rudiments and therefore, warrants proper management and recycling. When correctly handled universal wastes are not subject to hazardous waste regulations therefore can be collected, recycled and disposed of more easily. However, the consequences of illegal disposal of universal waste are not just environmental they are financial as well. Federal and state regulators impose liability upon institutions that engage in improper disposal methods and commonly issue considerable fines. Yet, the alternative to disposing spent items is often increasingly high storage costs.

Evolve offers a solution! Evolve takes extensive efforts to ensure u-waste is disposed of in a manner consistent with governing laws and environmental regulations. We only select Stateside vendors so that we may govern the process of de-manufacturing, asset recovery and disposal of all e-waste. By chosing to engage in a recycling program, institutions have increased public relations by their demonstrated commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.

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