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  Exclusive Preparedness Products
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Evolve Medical Response Brochure-
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  Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO)
• 21 clear pockets for seeing items.
• 1 oversized back pocket for large items.
• Suspend with pre-attached straps or   hooks.
• Double-zippered rows secure product.
• Roll it up, even with supplies in it.
• Clear ID holder identifies care function.
• Durable vinyl for years of use.
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  Response-Friendly™ MedKits
  Response-Friendly™ MedKits are the ultimate in preparedness organization. Each MedKit contains care function supplies intuitively arranged within an Upright Medical Organizer. Includes a stand, a case (MC-1 Mobile Medical or MC-BUMO Bag for UMO), and a SmartBook™!
  Mobile Incident Command Center
  Disasters do not happen in a convenient location. Establish command and control quickly and easily with the Mobile Incident Command Center. Manage a computer, a printer, radios, maps, charts, and other incident necessities within a compact, organized, mobile unit. A great addition to any EOC!
• Overhead light
• Adjustable laptop stand
• Phone and internet jacks
• Inlay map/document grease board
• Built-in electrical (shelves and work surface)
• Easyboards® mounted in the lid and externally
• Wide wheel base with easy glide casters
• Locking lid stays for safe operations
• Detachable table
• Fully lockable
  Custom Response-Friendly™ Systems
  VeriCor offers the most cost-effective solution to bridge the supply gap of “just-in-time” inventory. May it be individual kits or mobile medical trailers, VeriCor custom systems and products enable health care providers to maintain high standards of care during times of need.
  Custom Examples
• NICU Evacuation Kits
• EOC Trailers
• Mobile Morgue Modules
• Burn Care Kits
• Pediatric Surge Modules
• First Aid Stations
• Functional Needs Systems

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