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  Mobile Incident Command Centers  
Download PDF of the Vericor Mobile Incident Command Centers 
  VeriCor’s Incident Command Centers come standard with an overhead light, phone and internet jacks, an inlay grease board, and built-in electrical within the drawers and on the work surface. Pack in all your incident command supplies to establish a mobile workstation quickly and easily.  
Special Features
• Adjustable laptop stand
• Overhead light
• Inlay map/doc grease board
• Two Easyboards®
• Wide wheel base
• Detachable table
• Fully lockable
Dimensions: 50"H x 43"W x 25"D

Weight: 295 lbs

Fold-out Table: 10.4ft2 Work Surface

Data Jacks: CAT3 & CAT5e
...the PDF, and get all the details about the Vericor Mobile Incident Command Center and the Mobile Hospital Incident Command Center.

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