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Losberger RHN Shelter  
  Download PDF of the Losberger RHN Rapid Deployment Shelter

The Losberger RHN rapid deployment shelter was engineered with the needs of Fire Fighters in mind. It offers the necessary resting space to rehabilitate during demanding events. Losberger RHN shelters offer the right amount of space you need at minimum weight and packsize for easy handling. Like other Losberger shelters, the RHN can easily connect to other RHN shelters for even more uses.

Why Use A Special Rehab Shelter
• More compact and lighter than standard tents
• Offers a resting space out of site of spectators
• Improves overall performance of Fireman
• One-piece (no loose components or bunch
  of poles)
• Easily and fast deployment
• Multiplicity of use: can be used as a command
  post, rehabilitation or first aid/EMS post
• Combine with optional DECON shower cabin
  for use in hazmat events
• Universal piece of equipment that is
  ready for use
Special Features
• Modular airframe with double inflation valves,
  over-pressure valves and deflation valves
• Wide opening doors with triple zippers and water
• Pre-fitted docking sleeves around doors
• Re-moveable floor of heavy-duty and non-slip
  PVC coated polyester
• Windows with 3-way system with both mesh and
  clear PVC front
• 2 duct openings for HVAC
• Pre-fitted guy ropes
• Packed in sturdy PVC transport bag, complete
  with pegs, hammer, repair kit and user manual
• Electric inflator with automatic pressure
  maintenance system. Also to be used for fast
  deflation of the shelter
• Pressure reducer for inflation with bottled air
• Protective groundsheet
• Lighting
• Power distribution box
• Heating/HVAC
• Connection module between tents
• Water ballast tanks
• Printed logos and marketing on request
• White
• Orange  
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