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Losberger TAG Shelter  
  Download PDF of the Losberger TAG Inflatable Shelter

The Losberger TAG Inflatable Shelter is lightweight. It quickly and easily deploys making it ideal for advanced medical posts. Robust, resistant and supplied with accessories, Losberger TAG can be used efficiently on all types of terrain. Losberger TAG can be connected to other TAG shelters easily in order to make a star-shaped configuration. The TAG is transportable by two people and can be erected by one person in less than 5 minutes with an electrical inflator. The TAG can be connected to each other easily in order to make a star-shaped configuration. It is make of a highly resistant, fire retardant and UV protective PVC coated fabric. The cover and floor mat are high frequency welded together to form one piece.

Equipment Available
• Automatic air pressure control system
• Internal partition fabric wall
• Sun cover
• Electrical inflator
• Additional floor protection sheet
• Heating/Air conditioning
• Rigid floor
• Entrance module
• Inter-tent connecting module
• Logos & markings for display upon
Climatic Resistance
• 100 km/h wind
• 10 daN/m2 snow load
• White
• Orange  
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