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light weight, rapid response
shelters for reliability in the field
• Fast, Easy Deployment
• Resilient and Robust Construction
• Modular Design for Connectivity
• Multiplicity of Use
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Losberger Shelters  
  The speed and ease of deployment make Losberger shelters an unbeatable choice for first responders, rapid response accommodation, emergency medical care, command posts and field hospitals. Their compact packing and robust build, along with a set of carefully designed accessories, is the reason why Losberger is the first choice for all emergency sheltering needs, under any weather condition and on any type of terrain.
RHN Rapid Deployment Shelter
The Losberger RHN rapid deployment shelter was engineered with the needs of Fire Fighters in mind. It offers the necessary resting space to rehabilitate during demanding events. Losberger RHN shelters offer the right amount of space you need at minimum weight and packsize for easy handling. Like other Losberger shelters, the RHN can easily connect to other RHN shelters for even more uses.
  Download PDF of the Losberger RHN Rapid Deployment Shelter
TAG Inflatable Shelter
The Losberger TAG Inflatable Shelter is lightweight. It quickly and easily deploys making it ideal for advanced medical posts. Robust, resistant and supplied with accessories, Losberger TAG can be used efficiently on all types of terrain. Losberger TAG can be connected to other TAG shelters easily .
  Download PDF of the Losberger TAG Inflatable Shelter

Evolve Emergency Modular
Hospital System
The Evolve Emergency Modular Hospital System is completely customizable. Choose from a variety of environmental control units, HEPA filtration & isolation systems, and bed solutions. All systems feature Losberger TAG Inflatable Shelters that deploy in less than 10 minutes with 2-3 people.
  Download PDF of the Evolve Emergency Modular Hospital System
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