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Biomedical & Research

The understanding that our natural resources, whether terrestrial or aquatic, are finite drives the urgency of contamination control and environmental responsibility. Increasing demands are imposed upon organizations to develop recycling programs that reduce waste stream and responsibly manage spent chemicals. For the biomedical industry, Evolve can help protect the environment through the development of film recycling programs, silver reclamation, and film processor cleaning and maintenance programs. We insure spent x-ray fixer and other possible contaminates do not enter the environment without adequate treatment required by state and local regulators. And we can insure the most beneficial and cost effective way to recover silver and manage other imaging waste.
Evolve can provide the following:
• Imaging Technology Repair
• Biomedical Processor Cleaning Services
• Quality Control and Preventative Maintenance Services
• Environmental Management of Waste Streams
Film recycling
Silver Recovery
U-Waste and E-Scrap Recycling Programs
• Chemistry Replacement
• Parts Replacement
Film, Imaging Accessories and Environmental Supplies


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