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Industrial, Photo & Printing


Today’s increasing environmental concerns, pose new challenges to environmental management of u-waste, e-scrap, silver wastewater and silver containing materials such as film. Evolve can develop effective recycling programs to help industrial, photo and printing companies manage and benefit from these waste products.
Evolve understands compliance laws from state to state vary, and we continually review their regulations. Our client’s can rest assured knowing that their equipment has been customized to concede to, or in many cases surpass, their state’s individual standards.
In addition, Evolve offers air treatment solutions to eliminate in-door air pollution due to particulate and organic compounds.


Our products and services include:
• The stateside processing, recovery and disposal of e-scrap
• HIPAA compliant recycling programs for film
• Recycling programs for u-waste
Silvery recovery equipment and accessories
Refining of various metals such as aluminum, tin, steel, lead, gold, silver and copper
Air quality treatment systems 



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