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Medical Specialties

Evolve Technologies offers a wide range of products and services to fulfill the operational needs of Orthopedic, Veterinary and Primary Care medical specialties. Our products include: Image Management Technology and Medial Library tools, Computed Radiography, Computer Displays, Medical and Silver Recovery Equipment, and Supplies and Accessories. From a fully functional, turnkey PACS system to first aid supplies, medical specialty practices can expect Evolve to offer best-in-class products that are innovative, economical and reliable.

          Performance Excellence 
          and Predictable Benefits
Our services are far reaching and our approach is unique. Evolve views the relationship we have with our clients as a ‘partnership’ to include benefits such as:
• One-stop for technological solutions,
  implementation, and support
• Our intimate knowledge of our clients
  technological needs insures the
  offering of focused, pragmatic and
  creative solutions
• Clients are kept up-to-date on technological advances, and technical service is given
• Evolve strives to transfer our knowledge to our clients to insures that they prosper fully
  from technological growth


• Film recycling and silver recovery products and services



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