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  RedRick ComfortView™
Monitor Mounting System

RedRick’s ComfortView™ Monitor Mounting Series is ergonomically designed to help mitigate the stress placed on the body and eyes and help prevent the associated pain, fatigue and injury that can occur. Our proprietary monitor mounting systems adjust quickly and easily to accommodate individual preferences such as digital display height, depth, angle, and tilt resulting in better ergonomic practice without a decrease in productivity.

At the touch of a button monitors can be raised and lowered, enabling the user to easily and quickly change positions. The focal point can also be changed by moving the monitor arms back, forth and side to side. The monitor mounts are designed based on the number of monitors per workspace, and can hold up to 6 monitor on one ComfortView Mount.

“Not simply a workstation…but an ergonomic environment that adapts to multiple body types to maximize workflow and improve performance.”
  The RedRick ComfortView Mounting Series   
  • Effortlessly lift and lower using touch sensitive displays
• Reposition the displays horizontally with an infinite range of positions
• Make adjustments to the angle of individual monitors in any direction without tools
• Reposition all monitors without the fear of sagging over time
Lowered View of Monitor Mounts Elevated View of Monitor Mounts Arial View of Monitor Mounts

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