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people were meant to  

That’s why we cannot sit in one place all day performing repetitive tasks  without becoming fatigued. This is not simply a comfort issue!

Physical fatigue leads to mental fatigue, and mental fatigue increases the potential for interpretive error.

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  Our Approach  

First and foremost, we consider the impact the workplace has on individual behavior. We believe there are three influences that impel worker behavior and that these must be considered equally to successfully apply ergonomics in any workplace.

Environment: Evolve takes a holistic, systematic approach to identifying ergonomic stressors for the individual and within the entire department or organization.

Technology: Evolve provides clients with the most advance ergonomic technology needed so that both the individual and institution can benefit.

Education: Evolve provides individuals with the education needed to modify their behavior to work safely and productively in their new Evolve Ergo Workspace.

What makes our approach so successful?  Watch this short video and learn more! 
Evolve partnered with the ACR Education Center in the development of Optimizing the Radiologists Work Environment. Learn more >>>
The Psychology of Ergonomics
The three influencing factors of successful applied ergonomics are Environment, Technology and Education. 

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