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Evolve Rapid Deployment 25 Patient Decon Kit

Mobile | Lockable| Easy to Use | Pre-Decon & Post Decon  Download PDF of the Evolve
Rapid Deployment 25-Patient Kit
  Respond quickly to events and access needed supplies easily with the Evolve Rapid Deployment 25-patient Decon Kit. It maximizes decon shower throughput and protects patient modesty throughout all stages of the decon process. Ambulatory victims can disrobe and place contaminated items in bio hazard bags. Then they can proceed through the decon process shower, dry off, coverup and put on foot protection before exiting decon area.  
  The Evolve Rapid Deployment 25 Patient Decon Kit Includes:  
  • 50 Gallon Mobile & Rigid Lockable Storage Chest
• (25) Pre-Decon Kits (includes)
   - Exam/privacy gown
   - Personal belonging bag
   - (1) 10 gallon bio-haz bag
   - Body wash
   - Shampoo
   - Nail scrub bush
   - Waterproof marker
• (25) Post Decon Kits (includes)
   - Exam/Privacy gown
   - Foot covers
   - Mylar blanket
   - Drying towels
• (1) 5 Gallon bucket
• (1) Gallon Dawn detergent
• (10) 60 Gallon bio-haz red disposable waste bags
• 3 Long handled scrub brushes
• 6 Long handled shower sponges

Part Number: ETC-RPDK25  

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