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  What is the real value of your outdated film?
It's Worth More Than You Think!

With the silver market the way it is today...that’s never been more true! Many of our customers are receiving greater settlements than they thought possible. And when you recycle with Evolve, you can rest assured knowing that we strictly monitor all processes to ensure the adherence of state and federal regulations. In doing so, you can not only feel good about your ‘green efforts’ but by purging your outdated film, you can see tangible benefits such as increased office space, significantly lower storage costs and the real value!

Evolve’s Film Recycling Program:
• HIPAA Compliant
• Significantly reduces storage and system
  maintanence fees
• Guarantees the secure collection and destruction of
  confidential materials - HIPAA compliance
• Offers Certificate Of Destruction
• Reclaims silver and polyester from x-ray film,
   lithographic and other silver bearing films
• Paper jackets and inserts are cross-shredded
  and turned into a fine pulp for re-use
• Nothing goes to landfill

Did You Know?

• Whether your film is stored onsite
  or is still belongs
  to YOU and therefore, you are
  still in control of it’s value!

• Evolve offers the most financially
  rewarding recycling programs in
  the area. You will receive the
  real value from us within 30
  days of pickup


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