Plan. Prepare. Care.
Bringing forth innovation so people can plan optimized workplaces, prepare for emergencies, and care for the environment
Our divisions
We serve customers through three dedicated and highly specialized divisions, each with their own portfolio of products, individualized services, and industry-leading expertise.

While each of our divisions serves niche markets, they share the same passion for the health and safety of our community. This passion is a catalyst for product offerings and solutions that are practical, effective and creative.

Whether you are a fortune 500 company, a municipality, a hospital or a small medical practice, our vision is the same; that each of our clients benefit fully from today's innovative products to keep themselves and others safe, and from those that benefit their well-being.

Ergonomic workspaces that optimize productivity & enhance wellness

We develop ergonomically designed workstations and reading room environments for healthcare institutions and work at home professionals — to increase comfort, improve productivity, reduce exposure to injury, and benefit the physical well-being of the user.
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Helping people keep themselves and others safe

We help first responders, hospitals and government entities source the products and equipment they need to keep themselves and others safe. is a trustworthy place for our customers to get product information, and an inspiring place for them to build a customized and organized response.
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HIPAA compliant stateside recycling programs

We offer HIPAA compliant, stateside customized recycling programs to minimize Haz Mat waste streams and maximize recycling yield. Evolve’s strong commitment to uphold state and federal standards for waste disposal has earned us the reputation as a leader in responsible waste management.
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